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Re: [PLUG] Software/Hardware Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer

In the message dated: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 07:26:25 -0500,
The pithy ruminations from Casey Bralla on 
<[PLUG] Software/Hardware Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer> were:
=> I've been working to debug and I2C interface problem with a Raspberry Pi and a 

=> I've done a whole bunch of troubleshooting (checking voltages, continuity, 
=> poor wiring, etc).  I've even gone so far as to get a second temperature 

Sounds logical. :)

=> What I really want to see is what is happening on the I2C data and clock 
=> lines.  My suspicion is that there is something funky going on, and I've read 

I wish I was still conversant & comfortable with hardware at that level.

=> So this leads me to desire (need?) a data signal analyzer.  It's been a long 
=> time since I owned a 1950's-vintage Oscilloscope, and I just blew my budget by 
=> spending an extra $50 on a new Pi, but is there a hardware/software solution 
=> out there where I can buy a $50 probe that connects to a USB port?

Hey, for less than $50 you can get a 1950's vintage 'scope:

I'd guess that you can find a $50 'scope on Craigslist any given week.


=> Suggestions?  TIA!
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