Eric H. Johnson on 1 Feb 2014 08:07:08 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Software/Hardware Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer


Like Bhaskar said, but you might want to look at using a parallel port if available over a USB. While there are some people working on it, USB has problems with hard real-time. See: under "Digital I/O". If you need sample rates faster than about 100Khz, then the parallel port is probably not an option either.


How about and

I would be very interested in hearing about what you come up with. I want to do something with an Intel Galileo.

-- Bhaskar


So this leads me to desire (need?) a data signal analyzer.  It's been a long
time since I owned a 1950's-vintage Oscilloscope, and I just blew my budget by
spending an extra $50 on a new Pi, but is there a hardware/software solution
out there where I can buy a $50 probe that connects to a USB port?

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