Art Clemons on 11 Mar 2014 17:51:40 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to Archive Data for 20 Years?

On 03/11/2014 04:37 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:
IMHO, there is __ONLY ONE__ media that is guaranteed to be machine-readable in
20 years:  paper.

I have some printouts of programs for long lamented RS Color Computer. Sadly even though I could likely scan them, the paper has somewhat deteriorated. It's still legible (daisy wheel printers tended to produce legible print equivalent to at least a medium grade typewriter) but even if I did, the question would arise why would I want to run them on an emulator? I long ago converted any data to several different formats (for various reasons I have to keep copies of my handiwork) and have had to load and then resave in a different format at least 4 times. Shades of getting a five meg harddrive and wondering how I would ever have enough to fill it up.

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