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Re: [PLUG] check for a file being transmitted via ftp

On 03/25/2014 04:23 PM, Matt Mossholder wrote:
Unless you are trying to prove something hasn't been -maliciously- altered,
MD5 is more than adequate. It is perfectly fine to use MD5 for detecting
transmission errors.

That is part of the reason that attack indicators are frequently posted as
MD5s... in the extremely unlikely event that there happens to be a
collision, the impact is pretty negligible.

Totally true. But... There is also no reason not to get into a better habit.

	Do not use the MD5 algorithm
Software developers, Certification Authorities, website owners, and users should avoid using the MD5 algorithm in any capacity. As previous research has demonstrated, it should be considered cryptographically broken and unsuitable for further use.

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