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Re: [PLUG] Linux for Mac

On 28 Apr 2014, at 17:08, Rich Freeman wrote:

Honestly, this is one of the things I really like about KDE - there is
a really good framework for maintaining both global and
application-specific shortcuts, and also for managing notifications.

The Mac has been great for keyboard shortcuts forever. The rule is, if there is a menu item for it you can assign your own keyboard short cut for it using their Keyboard System Preferences pane. Here's the official doc:

You can do it per-application or systemwide. Then people who really want to tweak stuff will add Applescript or other scripts to write Services and assign keyboard shortcuts to that. Or they use tools like Quicksilver or Alfred. Which in addition to their launching and using some apps features also allow scripting of actions. I prefer Launchbar

If you do get interested in this sort of stuff I recommend finding the guys who share lots of services/tools for using the Mac. The first one that comes to mind is Brett Terpstra

Also if you want a good editor that is built for the Mac you can go for BBEdit. It's got some obvious emacs influence, and it's been around forever. There are others people like like Sublime Text. I generally use emacs I build using Homebrew.

They do have a notifications framework, many people who really want to tweak notifications buy Growl to do the work. I prefer not to see most notifications.

Much of the software I mentioned is closed source and sold by the developers. Some of them, like Bare Bones (BBEdit) have been selling and supporting their software on the Apple platforms for over 20 years.
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