Christopher Wawak on 18 Jun 2014 19:03:35 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OpenOffice vs LibreOffice


LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice both forked off of, though I believe LibreOffice may be developing a bit faster than OpenOffice. The base code for both suites are likely very similar, though I understand there are differences especially around font compatibility and Microsoft Office interoperability. My employer almost exclusively uses LibreOffice, and supports quite a bit of development in the LibreOffice project. I'd be surprised if interacting with the folks working on the project wouldn't get you a more stable application.

You mentioned that you hit crashes, bugs, and other not nice things. Did you see if there were bugs filed on the LibreOffice bugzilla [1]? The LibreOffice team would be very interested to hear what problems you ran into, and as part of the community of LibreOffice users, you're well poised to help fix these problems by reporting issues. If you need help reporting a bug, you can try the LibreOffice Bug Submission Assistant [2]. If you need more help understanding how to navigate getting your bug worked on, I'd be more than happy to provide advice as much as I can.

Would you be willing to elaborate more on the problems you ran into, and see if you can't find bugs for those problems on the LibreOffice bugzilla?



On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
I've  been mostly using Libre Office, since it seems the more "active" project
and most of the distros seem to have anointed it as the heir to Star Office.

Recently at work, I needed to get MS Visio, which costs about $400 or so, and
our local IT guy (surprisingly) reacted positively when I mentioned OpenOffice
as an alternative.    So I downloaded LibreOffice "Draw" on my aging WinXP work
machine <sigh>.

Well, LibreOffice Draw has been HORRIBLE on XP.  It's buggy, crashes and does
strange, not nice things.  In desperation, I removed it and tried OpenOffice
Draw instead.  Magically, all the bugs seem to have disappeared (although I
haven't used it enough to see if there are different bugs).

Does anybody have any experience to compare the two?

I'm considering trying OpenOffice at home on Gentoo in lieu of LibreOffice, but
would appreciate any comments from this august and learned group first.


Casey Bralla

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