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Re: [PLUG] Speakers needed - was Myth-tv boards

Another thing in this same / related vein is XBMC (soon to be renamed to Kodi with v14 "Helix" and later).  I haven't used MythTV in years but I suspect that anyone interested in HTPC stuff is familiar with XBMC as a client or server.

Mediatomb is also nice, I use use that for my server.

I totally agree with the virtualizing issue.  MythTV definitely need the hardware conversation whereas XBMC is just software and even runs on ARM stuff so it could make for an interesting presentation.

Maybe show MythTV from the UPnP server (DLNA) point of view?  Not sure how relevant or interesting that would be.

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I really like the idea of a Myth presentation / work shop. The biggest
problem, unless it can be virtualized, is the amount of hardware required
for a typical setup. I can try doing a virtualized combined backend /
frontend to see if that will work for presentation purposes. I suspect, of
course, that there are a number of members better versed on Myth than I am.

Separately, I can update the "Dark side of the Internet" presentation as a
lot has changed since it was given about two years ago. If we can twist JP's
arm, I could team up with him on the closely related Dark Phone.


We need to get some more speakers on the books for PLUG West!  Happily,
we've got Lowell's talk on System z scheduled for September.

Anybody up for giving a talk on MythTV on October 20? It's been quite a
while since the last one.

(By the way, I should be making it to West again, starting next month.)

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