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[PLUG] Intellectual Property vs. The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

I'll be leading a discussion tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM in Center City
on the topic of "Intellectual Property vs. The Public Domain: Enclosing
the Commons of the Mind".

What is the opposite of the concept of intellectual property? Is
it our cultural commons? The public domain? Are those expressions
synonymous? Does the public domain have a value? Ought the public domain
be safeguarded, stewarded, nurtured, and developed? Or ought society
parcel the public domain into private concerns governed by market
forces? Or ought we seek a balance between intellectual property and
our cultural commons / the public domain?  How? And why?

To RSVP and more information, please visit

The miracle of our minds isn't that we can see the world as it is, 
it's that we can see it as it isn't.
 -- Kathryn Schulz

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