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Re: [PLUG] msmtp looks like it works.....


If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to POP3 mail from a remote server to a local server under your control.  It is from that local server that you would have all the features... 1) web client 2) mobile client 3) filters / tags 4) keyboard short cuts...

Is that correct?

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> Question for you...  why do you do the bounce at all?

So that when I hit reply to this email it goes to this list, and not
to my home email address.  :)

But, I'm not doing a bounce now.  I'm fetching via POP3.  That means
my password goes out in cleartext over the internet.  So, I copy all
my email on my server to a second account which is locked down and has
a random password.  If somebody gets my password. all they can do is
read/delete a copy of my mail (they shouldn't even be able to relay

The main downside is that Google is very lackadaisical about polling
so it can take an hour or two between getting an email and getting a
push notice on my phone.  Not much point in push notifications when
the server does long interval polling.

If somebody came up with a comparable web-based FOSS solution that
included push sync to an offline-capable phone app and with tag-based
mail management with keyboard shortcuts (ie what is out of the box
with Gmail) I'd strongly consider using it!

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