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Re: [PLUG] Cut The Cord - How to Start?

I see a lot of people use a Roku to start this process but I did a DYI build.  I have my XBMC client pretty well kitted.  After adding some 3rd party but well known plugins for it, I can watch broadcast tv, have access to some broadcast vod (video on demand), have access to lots of internet programs (Revisions 3, Twit, Jupiter Broadcasting), live sports, movies, old tv series...

Heck, even the plugin is awesome if I just want to listen to music

>From what I remembered, I started with

I should say that I have not cut the cord just yet but I am down to basic cable now.  One of the nice things about XBMC is that you can copy your .xbmc directory to another machines and have the same setup.  Once you get it set the way you want, especially with your favorites, you're not going to want to do it again :)

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So I've pretty much decided I want to cut the cable TV cord.

I therefore want to combine broadcast TV with streaming services.   I'll also 
build a custom media PC for all this.

Can anybody point me to a good reference for getting started?    I've done 
some searching, but I feel like I'm drinking from a fire hose.

Ideally, I'd like to do a virtualbox test setup.   

I'm wondering about if I need special hardware.  Should I use the TV's tuner, 
or use a special tuner card?

Any suggestions or horror-stories would be greatly appreciated.


Casey Bralla

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