Joe Rosato on 17 Nov 2014 11:43:41 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Cut The Cord - How to Start?

Xbmc works well (now called kodi). Be careful of the superrepo stuff.. one of the reasons that xbmc is changing its name and booting all non-kodi stuff out of repository is that there is a growing concern of coming under legal prosecution - a lot of stuff in superrepo can connect to video sharing sites and a lot of that is the same as the torrent sharing whack-a- mole game that has been happening with say music downloads.

As for quick and easy installs - see xbmc on reddit. Lotta good info. Most recent cheap entry is to get a amazon fire tv for $99 (maybe cheaper now?) Since you can download an android version of xbmc alongside whatever you get with Amazon tv.

As for pulling in either cable or other tv signals into it, you will have to get a card - which means a larger build and that knocks out the cheap entry stuff.

Also woth noting - those cheaper boxes usually have a plex app so you can serve up you own pictures and videos. You dont need to have a plex account to use that... and regrettably I do not think there is any other open source thing like plex that does transcoding on the fly.

Just see xbmc on reddit for tons of info including what is a good buy for a full system with cards.


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