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Re: [PLUG] Article on 'cyberwarfare'

The problem with the "great firewall" idea is that, while it may sound good to people tasked with implementing computer security, it will sound bad to anyone with business or personal dealings on both sides of the wall.

Multinational corporations will demand the ability to maintain their VPNs between branches. These companies tend to earn high returns in less-developed countries that presumably would be outside the "great firewall". Individuals have friends and relatives around the world these days and won't take kindly to being walled off from them. One would expect they'd take action at the political and technical levels to prevent that from happening. I'm not a computer security expert but I understand it's difficult to maintain a firewall when you have people on both sides working to undermine its effectiveness.

I certainly do not want to be walled off from regions of the world because Big Brother says it's necessary for my own safety.

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