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Re: [PLUG] Child Proofing my Home Network

This is a longer stretch but still connected to filtering content. There were scripts that I could add to my tomato router to filter/block ads from entering my house. Sort of like ad block plus for your router. The script used the ad-block plus freely available lists. You had to keep them lean or you would consume your router. Also think this method was used to block pr0n, but my memory is sketchy.

I'm sure you can alter the scripts to kill other things. Might be too much work, but.. maybe others have created good "lists" since last I looked. Who knows.

On a lighter note you can also do stuff like timeframes if your router supports it. You can allow an object on your network to only work between 8am-8:30pm or something like that... 


N.B. - no comments on others childrearing - I'm of the don't-make-it-an-issue and it-won't-be-an-issue mentality. A passionate NO is the same as a passionate YES. The brain conjures up images, it knows nothing about negation. (try this - don't think of a white elephant). ;-)

On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 1:27 PM john boris <> wrote:
Having raised three children (one who is the Father to my Granddaughter) who are now 42, 40, 35 and grew up with a computer as part of their life I understand the idea of parenting. I understand that they need guidance. But you can't be around your child 24/7. The child in question here is very computer savvy for her age. I am not getting into her home life. I am take the time to teach her the proper use of a computer. Just to let you know my youngest (her father) had to be taught the proper use of a computer (almost around the same age) when him and his buddy spun up a Wildcat BBS on his buddy's dads PC that ran in the evening serving up copyrighted software. All on their own. When I discovered that (kids are naive and will tell you anything) I sat both down and explained what copyrights are and the consequences. The BBS went down as we had our sitdown. Then again when I was at a Back to school night meeting with my youngest's teacher how she was ecstatic how great a per he wrote. I could not believe it as he was in Special Ed. When I read it I went home and check the logs and found he had gone onto Dow Jones News Service and an Online Encyclopedia and di the greatest cut and past and adjust. I drug him into school and explained to him and his teacher about plagiarism and how easy it was to extract stuff with a computer and a  1200 BPS modem, 

So I understand about parenting. 

Just to let you know I got an email today from OpenDNS requesting to open a web site that was blocked. It was from the 8 year old using the ipad  It reead "my grand daughter really likes this site and she cant go on the ipad because I forget my apple id password so I cant download it." I checked and she wrote that as you see it. So now I have a teaching point about that site and why it is blocked. I blocked the site in question for a reason.

To put an end to this I am looking for something to fill the gaps. 

As for books. Yes, we try to get this into her life but it doesn;t help when schools are going to tablets and reducing the size of libraries and taking the books out of their daily culture.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 1:08 PM, Christopher Barry <> wrote:
On Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:41:57 -0500
john boris <> wrote:

>I may have approached this issue earlier on the list but last night I
>started the move to make my network more chid proof. I am having issues
>with my Granddaughter and where she has been going on the Internet.
>She is 8 in 2nd grade and has shown that she has the basics in logic
>to solve issues  See
> and
> on my
>LOPSA blog as to her dealings.
>So we have encouraged her more involving computers. Problem is her
>school is not advanced in that area and at home her Dad is the only
>computer savvy person and he is trying to find the time. So she has
>been venturing in places I don;t like.
>So I started using OpenDNS last night to block as muchj as possible.
>This may cause some grief with my wife but I told her to be patient as
>we tweek this. OpenDNS is block or deny by domain. It does not allow
>any tweeking by user. OpenDNS says to got to a Netgear device to allow
>for users to have special access.
>I have searched for such a device using a Raspberry Pi. With the latest
>version out there with a Quad core processor it looks like it will be a
>perfect platform. Space and power consumption it is ideal.
>The problem is I haven't found anything that does not require me to
>input everything I want to to block.
>So I come to the list to ask if anyone knows of a setup using a
>Raspberry Pi (or arduino as I will look into that as well) that does
>content filtering for Children (possibly geared at schools) and allows
>for customization.
>When I am all done with this I plan to write it up and show the
>pitfalls and successes.

Use an /etc/hosts file. Remove all entries from /etc/resolv.conf. If
you get your IP address via DHCP, you'll need to configure DHCP (in
your router likely) to not distribute DNS nameserver data.

Then you can add sites you approve of. No DNS lookups will occur.
You'll obviously need a method to initially determine the IP addresses
of sites to populate hosts. These IPs may change due to load balancers
being used, and may not always be available, etc.

Have fun with that if you think parenting your kid is taking too much
of your time. Maybe at 8 she should have an adult with her while she's
using the Internet - or not use it. Maybe she should actually read a
real book, play with toys, make something, help you or mom cook, or play
outside - now there's a novel idea.

How about you break away from your computer long enough to actually be
a Dad?

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