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Re: [PLUG] Speaking of programming

It definitely wasn't in jest :)   There's plenty of serial port work being done in Perl.  I should have referenced the main Device::SerialPort module though since that would bring up more examples.

Most languages are going to have a serial comm facility so for whatever grabs your brain you should be able to get the work done.

It also just occurred to me that Processing (one of the language used for the Arduino) might be very well suited for this.  Check out  If you like Python, they even have a so you can do this in Python style syntax if a Java style syntax doesn't work for you.

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I recommend python.  It's fairly simple and self-documenting.    Keith
recommended Perl (I think not in jest), but I found Perl's syntax to be way
too dense to understand.

If that doesn't suit you then the ballerina route might be the best
alternative.  ,grin>

On Monday, March 23, 2015 06:02:02 PM jeff wrote:
I've mentioned this before but lately I feel the need for pain.
 I need a linux app to control my (radio) scanner(s). There are none.
 I cannot program my way out of a paper bag; in fact the paper bag
 probably has more skills.  Is there a particular language that is
 suitable for this and maybe is friendly to people with almost no
 programming background? Something that isn't C?
 I'm essentially receiving and sending codes over USB and ideally putting
 it into an interface that looks kinda like the physical scanner.
 I know I'm asking the impossible but when I'm through being a
 programmer, I'm going to be a rocket scientist. Or a ballerina.
 Something open source.


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