Joe Rosato on 7 Jun 2015 08:26:34 -0700

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[PLUG] (no subject)

My brother-in-law recently moved into a new house and he has coax, cat5, and phone wire all terminating at the box pictured below (link). It goes about a finger lengths back and the square is about a foot+.

He is probably only going to make two TVs active (coax) so a little splitter solves that issue. For the cat-5 he can get a little RJ45 hub and solve that issue.

For 'neatness' I looked up RJ11 hubs and there are some out there.. has anyone used them before? or are there mini-phone-patch-panels that will fit in this opening? He is non-tech so I thought going the no-exposed wire route was the best bet.

Or is there a one-stop mini patch coax/RJ45/RJ11 panel that solves all of this? The goal is neatness. I can shove a splitter and two mini hubs in there.. but is there something cleaner?

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