Keith C. Perry on 14 Jun 2015 08:56:53 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] X2GO vs VNC for Local Remote Desktop

That's strange.  I used both the repository versions of x11vnc (for all GUI console enabled local and remote systems) and the tightvnc version if Xvnc (for all non-GUI enabled server, systems like my Beagle Bone Black and for training / tutoring).  I've never found them to be not "snappy".

If anything I would think its the client you are using.  I highly recommend the ssvnc client.  Its written by the same author of x11vnc.  It is particularly usually for tunnelling VNC over SSH because you can establish the SSH tunnel inside ssvnc.

It can also be used with ultravnc 1-click sets ups (for proxied VNC connections via the ultravnc repeater) including sessions that use rc4 encryption keys. 'Great way to wrap a remote helpdesk app and service.  SSVNC also understands ultra's and tight's filetransfer extensions.  There are quite a number of options to create non-standard VNC connections as well.


On Jun 14, 2015 05:15, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> I like to use standard VNC for remote desktop control of my servers from 
> inside my firewall. (direct gigabyte LAN) 
> Currently, I use x11vnc as a server on my web server, then use the standard 
> KDE remote desktop client to access and control the server remotely.  This 
> works pretty well, but is not is not particularly snappy. 
> Would X2GO work well in this application?  Would it be significantly better 
> over a gigabyte LAN network? 
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