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[PLUG] PLUG W and presos

First, thanks to Paden and Jon for last week's PLUG N and to Mike for
last night's PLUG W presos!

Second, last night we were talking about presentations for future
meetings and some of the things that came up are:

* Mini install-fests
* Mini t-shooting clinics
* Perhaps some "kid friendly" topics for the summer?
* More beginner topics like:
	* bash
	* vim
* Maybe some network architecture (Bill!?) thoughts

Other folks, chime in.

To expand, a mini install fest is obvious, and a t-shooting clinic
probably is too.  In both cases folks bring in hardware and we try to
get Linux installed or working.  Internet access would be really handy
for these!

Kid friendly stuff would depend on ages and might be Scratch, GCompris,
TuxStuff, or related (see or something else.  I
recently bought and read _Python for Kids_ and really liked it.

I'll do "Bash 101" again, I just need to update it and figure out when
(yes Paul, now you have it in writing :).  And we had some Vim confusion
and discussion, more on that next.

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