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Re: [PLUG] X2Go Usage


I'm explaining things wrong or I might be misunderstanding.  When I say session, I mean that in the context of a terminal server, i.e. X2GO presents the user a "greeter" so that the connection is generic.  Any user with an account can log in.

x11vnc has a way to do this via VNC and via HTTP/HTTPS with some java applets.  Years ago that was this ability was important so that I could do remote training, kiosks, etc.  Its not as important today since VNC clients are readily available and people are less afraid to move to Linux.  However if X2GO had a modern way to providing connectivity via HTTPS (i.e. NOT with JAVA) then that would be very interesting.  There are a couple of Linux products out there that are X11 apps and access this way makes it possible to deploy solutions as easily as any other web app.

Generally, I could do small office solutions like this...  all the system infrastructure lives in "the cloud", not only for web apps but also for file sharing (Samba), office productivity (LibreOffice), database (i.e. pgadmin), etc.  The workers could use lower end hardware and maybe eventually ChromeOS or androidOS clients (I did not see those on the X2GO website).

Just something off the top of my head.  Not sure I explained it better.  From the X2GO website it sounds like the X2GO session broker might provide this but I'm not sure based what I read.

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Glad to hear it. Using Synergy with X2Go Client is a good idea.


I am glad you have a working solution with SSVNC, although I obviously
prefer X2Go. I actually just got back from Germany to attend the X2Go
developer meeting:

As for how X2Go handles sessions, here is a description of the default
behavior (with a moderate amount of simplification.) This is how Casey
appears to be using it:

1. In X2Go Client, you select your session type. For example, "LXDE".
You also select what user to login as (any user recognized by the
openssh server (sshd) on the X2Go Server.)
See this screenshot for example:
2. You connect to the X2Go Server with X2Go Client. Via the SSH
interface between x2goclient and sshd on the X2go Server, x2goclient
tells the server to launch nxagent, the x2goserver-side X server,
along with what desktop environment to launch. For example, if you
selected "LXDE" in step 1, then "startlxde" is launched (according to
the logic in /usr/bin/x2goruncommand). There is no need/reason to
launch a display manager (which includes a greeter.)
3. On the X2Go Server, both the nxagent X server and the desktop
environment run as the user account that you logged in as. (In
contrast, a display manager and the local X server usually run as
root, although the desktop environment does not.)
4. Profit!


On Sun, Jun 21, 2015 at 1:55 PM, Keith C. Perry
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> Casey,
> I had mentioned that.  I only use the SSVNC client since its runs on the 3 main systems but most importantly, on Linux, with that one client, I can do something like this:
> vncssh://
> Putting that on the "VNC Host:Display" line of SSVNC would first do an SSH connection in a terminal window to where I would supply the credentials and then it would open up the VNC connection to the localhost on port 5905.  If credentials are needed (i.e. a VNC password) that would be asked in the terminal window too if I didn't supply it on the "VNC Password:" line.
> There's also way to SSH to a host and then do the VNC connection to another host so if you don't want to use a full time VPN solution like OpenVPN you can at least use SSH and VNC to manage remote environments.
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> Pretty cool usage for X2GO.  Are you connecting to a running session or are you running another greeter on the X2GO session so you can log in any account you want?
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> I tried X2GO and was very pleasantly surprised by it's good performance.
> Someone on this list suggested that my poor VNC performance might be due to
> the client program I was using, and I think this might be correct.  (I'm using
> the KDE remote desktop viewer.)
> I'm using X2Go for a different purpose, however.  Instead of remote desktop
> (which is what I had originally wanted), I am using it to open another X
> instance as a remote terminal.    My main and fastest computer has 2 monitors
> and runs KDE.  I have now added an old Pentium laptop next to them and use
> X2Goclient to open a separate session on the main computer running LXDE.
> One occasional disadvantage of running a mutli-monitor setup in KDE is that
> when you change desktops, BOTH monitors change.  (I normally keep 10 different
> desktops, devoted to different applications such as web surfing, eMail, etc)
> Now, however, since the laptop is a completely different instance, it does not
> change when I select a different desktop.   This means I get the best of both
> worlds:  2 monitors change when I change desktops, but one stays constant.
> By the way, I use Synergy to allow a single mouse and keyboard to control both
> my main computer and the small laptop.
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