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Re: [PLUG] ntp

That's what I do.  Run "ntpdate" every 4 to 6 hours on critical / core systems.

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I just had to deal with a vendor installation which was about 4 seconds off the ntp server it was supposed to be synced with. Come to find out the vendor ran a ntpdate command once a day and the vm was drifting 4 seconds in the 24 hours between. Their solution was to run the command once an hour instead.

On Jul 8, 2015 1:13 PM, "Eric Riese" <> wrote:
So I just noticed that my KVM server's clocks were way off. The host OS was 4 minutes behind and the guests were 4 minutes ahead of

Turns out the host did not have ntp installed at all. It's Ubuntu 12.04 and was installed as some sort of minimal installation. A sudo apt-get install ntp and five minutes later it's in good shape.

The guests are debian installs from and they have ntp installed but were not running by default!

To think, Google runs it's own internal NTP servers and had to spread the leap second out over a day, and I'm off by whole minutes!

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