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[PLUG] Cloning a dying hard drive

The hard drive on my home server is starting to give me errors.  I
actually got a kernel panic today while I was out because of it.  I
fsck'ed it and it seems OK for now, but that's what I thought when I
fsck'ed it a few days ago when I saw errors, too...

The machine is old and needs to be upgraded, but I'm going to need a
few days to order the parts.  As a stopgap I just stopped by
Microcenter and picked up a 1 TB HD in hopes of copying everything off
the old 1 TB drive before things get any worse.

I've done this process at least once before, it was probably like 10
years ago.  Does anyone have any thoughts on the instructions here?


That certainly seems the simplest method, assuming the errors remain
manageable.  Other methods that might work would be

* rsync from the roots of the old partitions to the new ones
* full restore from my backups

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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