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Re: [PLUG] [plug-announce] Wed, Dec 2, 2015: PLUG Central - Lightning Talks (7pm at USP)

On Tue, Dec 01, 2015 at 09:11:42AM -0500, Michael DePaulo wrote:
> 1. If feasible, please update the website. I often link friends to it.
> http://www.phillylinux.org/meetings.html

Done. (Thanks to Paul.)

> 2. If we do bring our computers or bring slides, what are the
> guidelines? For example, VGA output only? Do the slides have to be in a
> horrible file format that the University computers can read? Can the
> slides be on Google Drive? If so, must they be publicly accessible, or
> can they require a login? [1] This info should probably be on the
> website, but still.

The room in USP is pretty flexible.  There's a VGA cable to plug in
your own laptop, and there's also a PC behind the podium that some
speakers use.  Google Drive would probably work, but keep in mind that
it's a shared lecture hall computer so be careful about passwords,
logging off, etc.


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