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Re: [PLUG] fans

On 12/04/2015 06:38 AM, PaulNM wrote:
> On 12/02/2015 12:21 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
>> Yeah, I can't argue with you.  As you say, "it depends."  My case was a
>> bit different, and I know the WD-40 thing is...sub-optimal, we'll say. :)
> No, don't use WD-40 for anything other than cleaning surfaces or short
> term testing. (I.E. Verifying that lubrication solves the issue.) It'll
> lubricate the motor fantastically, but will fairly quickly leak out
> leaving you with a hot and/or jammed fan again. It's much better to just
> wipe away dirt/dust/grime if you can, then re-grease/oil the fan.
> If you have some WD-40 on hand and do decide to use it, make sure to get
> some proper grease/oil (something high viscosity) asap.
> Why yes, I *have* learned this from experience. :)

Well, you know, I believe I have too, but I suffer from CRS (Can't
Remember Sh!t) and need the reminder periodically. :-)

Does anyone have any recommendations for a longer-term grease/oil
solution that's easy, convenient and cheap?

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