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Re: [PLUG] fans

On 12/02/2015 12:21 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
Yeah, I can't argue with you.  As you say, "it depends."  My case was a
bit different, and I know the WD-40 thing is...sub-optimal, we'll say. :)

No, don't use WD-40 for anything other than cleaning surfaces or short term testing. (I.E. Verifying that lubrication solves the issue.) It'll lubricate the motor fantastically, but will fairly quickly leak out leaving you with a hot and/or jammed fan again. It's much better to just wipe away dirt/dust/grime if you can, then re-grease/oil the fan.

If you have some WD-40 on hand and do decide to use it, make sure to get some proper grease/oil (something high viscosity) asap.

Why yes, I *have* learned this from experience. :)

- PaulNM

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