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Re: [PLUG] password safe

> On 12/30/2015 11:41 AM, Bill Patterson wrote:
>> Does anyone recommend a good password safe to use with Linux?

On 01/03/2016 11:52 PM, brainbuz wrote:
> I use Password Safe (, even though the Linux port is
> still unstable, the cross platform password-gorilla  is file compatible
> with it and is available through apt on Debian/Mint/Ubuntu . The
> original author of Password Safe is Bruce Schneier. Since I'm mainly on
> Linux I guess I use Password Gorilla is really the answer.

That's the one I use because I've used the Windows one forever.  The
Linux version is technically still beta but I've been using that for 2+
years and it's fine.  Not 100% feature compatible, but more than close
enough for me.

Based on a Windows release change log from the other day, it sounds like
they are getting ready to change the file format.  I think it's on v3 so
they are getting ready to go to v4.  I've found that a lot of the tools
that claim to be file compatible are only compatible with v2, so watch
out for that.  I can't speak for Password Gorilla there.

I've also looked briefly at using other tools, but translating the
exported file to do something reasonable on import always looks too
painful, and I have a LOT of stuff in mine so I'm not doing it manually.

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