Stephen R Guglielmo on 7 Jan 2016 08:22:22 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Rooting Phone Experiences

On Thu, 07 Jan 2016 07:39:51 -0500
Mail List <> wrote:
> I would like to root my android phone.  It's a Motorola Moto X Pure, which
> Motorola officially supports rooting.
> However, their web page has all kinds of scary warnings about rooting, and
> I definitely cannot afford to brick this device.  It seems like this is a
> fairly simple process, but the cost of being wrong is potentially very high
> (non-working $400 phone).  Before I proceed, I wanted to see how other
> people (who are braver and smarter, but not as good-looking as me) have
> fared rooting their phones.
> Has anyone on this list had a bad experience rooting their phone?

My experience with my smart phone and rooting/installing a custom recovery and ROM:

I've owned a Samsung Galaxy S4 for several years now. As soon as I got it, I wiped it, installed a custom recovery (at the time, I used ClockworkMod Recovery[1], but that's been since discontinued), and installed CyanogenMod[2]. I had one scare when my phone wouldn't boot. The Samsung logo appeared, but nothing happened after that. However, I was easily able to re-flash the CyanogenMod image and it worked fine.

I then moved on to the TeamWin Recovery Project[3] and was using the CyanogenMod nightly builds (wiping and reinstalling once a month or so with the latest nightly). Now, I'm using TWRP and a snapshot release of CM. I've really had no problems with it, although Samsung uses the Heimdall[4] tool for flashing the recovery image. I'm not sure if Motorola has a similar tool.

CyanogenMod doesn't allow root access by default, but one could enable the developer options. In the developer options, there's a setting to allow root access to adb, apps, or both. I use AFWall+, a firewall, and it requires root access. I can enable the settings to allow apps root access, but even then I still get prompted when an app requests root privileges. I think the way CM does it is pretty safe.

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