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Re: [PLUG] Rooting Phone Experiences

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G for $150 off ebay, as a low-cost first smartphone, specifically to install Cyanogenmod.

My initial attempts with boot images and the installer (I believe it was Heimdall?) weren't successful--I'd get to the Samsung logo on boot and everything would stop. I was following the directions and couldn't understand why the install seemed to go ok but didn't produce a working phone.

At that point I decided to try the automated installer that they had on the front page of the site at the time. You installed an app on your Android phone, an app on a Windows PC, and connected them with a USB cable. Then run the Windows app and it all happens automagically.

That worked, first time, and is what I've been using since.
The only downsides have been: 1. the ROM for my device doesn't have working speakerphone, which I miss sometimes, and 2. there haven't been any updates for my device in more than a year (which I guess is OK, I'm just worried about security. My build is at Android 4.3.1)

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