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Re: [PLUG] Rooting Phone Experiences

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 12:16 PM, Greg Helledy <> wrote:
> That worked, first time, and is what I've been using since.
> The only downsides have been:  1. the ROM for my device doesn't have working
> speakerphone, which I miss sometimes, and 2. there haven't been any updates
> for my device in more than a year (which I guess is OK, I'm just worried
> about security.  My build is at Android 4.3.1)

My comments were more about the rooting process itself.  If you start
flashing 3rd-party ROMs obviously your experience is going to be as
good as the support that ROM has.  If you're on a Nexus device they
tend to work pretty well, but in general I've found that 3rd-parties
often miss little things.  I know that back in the early days of
Android something at often broke was Bluetooth stereo and media
controls support, probably because the average hacker tinkering with
their phone didn't have a car with bluetooth multimedia support and an
alpha display.  I've seen plenty of firmware releases that had broken
camera support, or even no cell phone service.

Often vendors don't release drivers for newer versions of android, so
3rd parties have to try to hack something together.

The unfortunate fact is that you'll probably have the best 3rd-party
support if you already have great vendor support.

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