Casey Bralla on 11 Jan 2016 11:17:47 -0800

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[PLUG] Need Help Rooting Phone

I've been working to root my Moto X Pure.   I've been able to unlock the
boot loader, install TWRP, backup the current system, install SuperSU, but
I can't boot into the root environment.

When I run TWRP and try to install SuperSU, everything seems to work fine.
I get no error messages and  think I should be OK.

However, when booting to the newly installed environment, the phone hangs
during boot, showing a Motorola logo.   

Luckily booting into TWRP and restoring the saved system works and I'm
back to a working (non-root) phone.

My guess is that I've run out of storage space on the device.  It's a 16
GByte phone, but Android takes 6.39 GBytes and "Internal Storage" only
shows 2.21 GBytes free.

I noticed that the amount of free storage dropped by about 5 Gigs,
probably due to the saved backup image.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?


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