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Re: [PLUG] Topic Suggestion: Let's Encrypt

No, nothing like that.  I was going review how hashes are used to for this process.  What you are talking about is a full PKI infrastructure and that is not needed for the basics.  If you are writing such functionality into software it's important to understand the basic concepts and then some other points but that would be a more advanced (part II) topic which probably doesn't have that much interest.

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> Thanks for that.  Yet I'm not sure what the full presentation on digital fingerprinting and authenticity would be.  Aside from the programming aspect, I almost see more of a high level lighting talk.

Were you thinking about using the Linux Integrity Measurement
Architecture for this?  From what I understand you can sign all your
critical files and load a public key into the kernel, and it won't
read or execute a file that has a bad signature.

The Gentoo guide is probably reasonably applicable to any distro. I
haven't tried messing with it:

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