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[PLUG] VPS account with lots of storage?

About a year ago we migrated the webpage and email of our small company onto a VPS. It's with Arvixe and runs CentOS.

There have been a few wrinkles but mostly it's gone ok. The problem I'm finding now is that we are gobbling up far more storage space with our mailboxes than I had counted on when we signed up. Our plan allows for 50 GB, and you can add space in 20 GB increments.

Having always hosted our email locally, our culture is such that people tend to never clean out their inboxes, so accounts grow and grow. The firm's owners are the worst "offenders". So, implementing mail quotas would be unpopular and impractical. If quotas were proposed, users would suggest outsourcing it all to Google or MS, (it was when we first went from hosting our own). There's also the fact that you can get hard drives with terabytes of storage for $100.

Hosting companies usually bundle their offerings such that if you want a lot of storage, you get lots of bandwidth, RAM and CPU as well, and price accordingly. We currently have 1.5GB RAM and it's plenty, and we don't need any more transfer bandwidth or CPU. Just lots of storage, like maybe 500 GB. Are there any good providers out there that offer something like that? I mean, 500 GB sounds like a lot but it's only half what a low-end consumer desktop comes with these days. Should be linux, either CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.

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