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Re: [PLUG] [plug-announce] Mon, Mar 21, 2016: "Gentoo Linux" by Rich Freeman (7pm at ATS in Malvern)

On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 11:01 PM, Paul L. Snyder <> wrote:
>> >
>> > This month, PLUG West will feature a talk of Gentoo Linux by Rich Freeman.
>> > Rich is a longtime Gentoo developer and PLUG member, and a member of the
>> > Gentoo Council.
>> >

Thanks to all who attended, and to those who contributed (I'm glad we
started a bit early - there was a lot of audience participation and we
got to diverge into closely related topics like nethack).

I'm sure a video link will be posted soon.  Slides can be found at:

BTW, Nethack is hardly my favorite roguelike.  I've found both
zangband and tome (tales of middle earth) to be better (just more
featured).  Nethack however is probably best known for having a rather
arcane set of twists built into its logic.  Completing nethack is a
major accomplishment and a demonstration of your ability to
reverse-engineer software as much as anything else.  You can find
numerous playthroughs on youtube, and it looks like a speedrun takes
an hour (and it looks like the guy found a wand of wishing in the
first 30 seconds of play - the game rewards VERY specific wishes).

During the course of the night a few potential talk topics came up,
and I'd encourage somebody to accept any of these:
1. Software Defined Radio - beyond running canned programs (think
building decoders on Gnu Radio or such - perhaps using the cheap DVB
2. Roguelike games
3. C API/ABI, sonames, and so on - ie why does that ELF not run, and
were the libressl folks right not to pick a new soname?

Thanks again - I had fun and hopefully everybody learned something!

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