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Re: [PLUG] Job Opportunity

On Tue, 22 Mar 2016 23:56:17 +0000
Andy Wojnarek <> wrote:

> Sorry - I should have specified.

No worries. :)

> Distro:  around 600-ish SuSE Linux Enterprise Servers, and around a
> handful of Debian servers Location: Audubon, PA (customer site, full
> time) Salary: I assume varies based on experience and need (aka I do
> not know, but we’re very competitive)
> We’re a small-ish company with around 60 employees.

What is the clients business?  I might be interested.  I am presently a
network engineer thinking about changing my career.

I started out with RedHat when it was free and had a desktop or server
version.  Moved on to Fedora until Centos came about and been running
that since then.  I use Sabayon on my laptop and play with VirtualBox.



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