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Re: [PLUG] MythTV Front-end Recommendations

I use Kodi quite a bit as a client on my main system but I haven't tried it out on any SBC gear.  I'll going to be getting a  Odroid Xu4 from Hardkernel and a ClearFog Pro in from Solid Run for testing of various embedded workloads so I think I might try Kodi on the XU4 at least.

The ClearFog Pro is for security applications but if I were you, I would definitely look at Solid Run's Cubox TV (previously the i4 line).  It's a nice little 2"x2"x2" designed for the type of application you are looking for.

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On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 10:24 AM, Louis K <> wrote:
> A few years back I had a similar issue: I was  tired of running high energy
> machines just when I wanted to watch TV. I ended running plexmediaserver on
> the back end (same as mythtv backend box) and use a rasberry pi running
> rasplex for the front end. I had to configure Mythtv to name the recordings
> in a plex-friendly manner, but that wasn't difficult.

I ended up deploying OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3.  This seems to be the
most common solution, but to be honest it seems remarkably buggy for a
canned distro (random audio cutouts, hangs, etc).  Plus, Kodi+mythtv
doesn't seem quite perfect either (more buttons to get to important
functions, commercial skip is hard to get to work right, etc).

I'm really considering just wiping the thing and just installing
mythfrontend on it, perhaps using Gentoo.  That will be a bit more
work though.  Besides just getting Gentoo to boot I need to get
hardware decoding working (that always seems to be tricky), and lirc
configured (ugh).  I'm hoping that just copying /etc/lirc or whatever
the path is from my old box will work.

Kodi seems like a better solution for cord cutters than people who
primarily use MythTV and just occasionally play random video files.

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