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Re: [PLUG] disk image one-liner

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> That would be a strict definition :D
> **Practically speaking** if xfsdump can process a couple of changes after the dump starts its not a big deal.  If 99% of the data is atomic few admin are going to worry about a couple of additional web log entries being written  ;)

The problem is that you never know for sure what is being written,
unless you've stopped critical services/etc.

> BTW, is btrfs-image the equivalent tool for BTRFS?
> If so, why is it considered "Mainly used for debugging purposes."?

No, that really is for debugging purposes.

btrfs send is the backup tool:

See the manual instructions in this page for the concept, though there
are tools to automate this:

You can serialize any snapshot, or you can create an incremental
backup from one snapshot to another.  A snapshot in btrfs is like a
branch in git - it is a complete representation of all the data on the
disk so once you either replicate it or restore it you don't need to
save any previous snapshots/etc.

I'm sure there are tools to combine this with something like snapper,
which runs from cron and creates timestamped snapshots, or event-based
ones (such as before/after installing packages), or manual ones, and
manages their retention.

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