Andrew Libby on 24 Aug 2016 08:59:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] epiphany or stupidity?

Classic deduplication problem.  Many backup solutions (and even
filesystems) provide dedup.  I believe Bacula does these days, and
it's been something BackuPPC has does.

A smart idea, I guess I'd say the work is in figuring out how to
implement it well, tracking what's the same across systems and
then devising a restore process that leverages a single copy of
what's common.

I've run several installs of backuppc, and the dedup for homogeneous
environments is pretty impressive.


On 8/24/16 11:56 AM, Tone Montone wrote:
> I was running last night, and for some reason, I had an idea about
> backups.  It occurred to me that if I had 100 Red Hat systems, all
> running the same OS and Patch level, would I need full backups on all
> the systems.  Wouldn't there be static information like executables that
> would be the same across all systems?  So instead of doing fulls x 100,
> I could do a full x 1, then just differentials or incrementals on the
> others, thereby reducing total storage required on tapes.
> Then I thought if I took the same idea and applied it to the SAN
> storage, could I have fixed images that the systems run on, and only
> require 1 instance of it, thereby reducing total storage space requirements.
> Then I thought, either this is a really stupid idea, or it's brilliant
> and most likely already done.
> Comments?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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