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Re: [PLUG] epiphany or stupidity?

On 08/24/2016 11:56 AM, Tone Montone wrote:
> I was running last night, and for some reason, I had an idea about
> backups.  It occurred to me that if I had 100 Red Hat systems, all
> running the same OS and Patch level, would I need full backups on all
> the systems.  Wouldn't there be static information like executables that
> would be the same across all systems?  So instead of doing fulls x 100,
> I could do a full x 1, then just differentials or incrementals on the
> others, thereby reducing total storage required on tapes.

you don't even need the OS, really. just keep an ISO around and a list
of the packages you installed explicitly (post-install) in a list that's
parseable/iterable. let the package manager handle the rest. (plus the
mutable info, like /home, /etc, /root. /var if you want it. etc.)

> Then I thought if I took the same idea and applied it to the SAN
> storage, could I have fixed images that the systems run on, and only
> require 1 instance of it, thereby reducing total storage space requirements.

you'd have to futz with the init system to get a bunch of mounts in
place that "overlay" the / filesystem, but i don't see why not. it's not
what i'd consider the most stable, perhaps, though.

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