George Zipperlen on 14 Sep 2016 07:32:13 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] FOSS Alternative to ITunes

Which aspect of iTunes do you need?  It is one of those unfortunate
monoliths with many overlapping not really compatible functions. In a
manner quite opposite to the Unix software tools philosophy it has
evolved from an mp3 player + file manager for external device (iPod,
are they still around?) into bloatware dealing with smart phones,
tablets, and the cloud, while also handling Digital Rights Management
and an online marketplace.

Media player:    VLC Media Player with huge codec library. Open source,
multi-platform. Highly recommended.

Device browser:    iPodDisk is the only open source tool I could find in
a quick search. Haven’t tried it. I’ve played with i-FunBox (free, but
not open source). Using it in sandboxed mode resulted in duplicated
music tracks.  I haven’t used it with ssh access to the iPhone.

The flow that works best for me is to use command line or file browser
to manage media files from other sources and players; import them into
iTunes, and use iTunes to push to (i)devices.

George Zipperlen 
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> On Sep 13, 2016, at 6:35 PM, Paul Walker <> wrote:
> Anyone know a good FOSS alternative to ITunes. It is honestly one of my least favorite pieces of software of all time. Not to mention that it is always trying to call home, which I find tiresome. 
> And not to stoke anyone's paranoia :evil grin: but I also remember seeing a wikileaks post of a leaked promotional video from a security firm that featured itunes as the central part of a trojan horse scheme (if anyone has a link to the video please share - I'll dig deeper but a quick google search failed to turn it up)
> Anyway - recommendations appreciated.

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