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Re: [PLUG] Replacement mailing list idea

I would be for continuing to do it ourselves as well.  Obviously things changes but if that change happens every 10 to 20 years I'd say we are doing extremely well relative to other organizations :D

I've previously mentioned I would be willing to host a VM on my office servers if someone is willing to be responsible for the management of the VM and services.  I'm assuming CJ, Walt and Paul would continue in their current roles for mail and web.  Who currently is administering the system- MCT?  Is there anything else?

It sounds like this is currently on a shared system so creating a VM of the current server is probably inappropriate.  This begs the  question of how should the mailing list be migrated since I think we would hate to see anything lost in the archives.  I haven't used mailmon since I switched to sympa so I'm not sure of the migration logistics.

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DIY all the way. 

Google stability?  1) Less and less of the old DejaNews seems available each time I search. End up going back to my own very incomplete saved archives. 
2). I dumped Chrome browser the day it upgraded itself and wiped out all my plugins, extensions and personalizations, with no path back. 

Different (can of worms) example:  SourceForge. 

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> On Sep 14, 2016, at 2:21 PM, Rich Kulawiec <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 01:53:33PM -0400, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
>> I realize PLUG is for do-it-yourself-ers, but why not set up a Google Group
>> (or a Yahoo Group, or???). It's less work, we're not dependent on an
>> individual, and searching past discussions is easier.
> Because both are poorly run, because Yahoo's future as a corporation is
> highly questionable (as is Yahoo Groups: look at what they just did to
> Yahoo IM with less than two months' warning), because Google is famous
> for being completely unresponsive to requests for support or help,
> because Google Groups has a longstanding and serious spam problem,
> and because exporting your data from them isn't easy.  (Try getting a
> complete copy of your Yahoo Group in *any* format, let alone one that's
> an open standard like "mbox".  Or try getting any kind of useful response
> from mandatory RFC 2142 role addresses at Google.)
> As to search, you can use any search engine you want on any public
> mailing list archive, since all of them are indexed; or you can simply
> keep a local mirror and use the search of your choice (which is what I
> do: sometimes that's "grepmail", which is an overlooked but surprising
> powerful tool, and sometimes that's Solr).
> Also note that Mailman 3.X has some pretty good search capabilities of
> its own, so that's eventually coming down the road.  It's also moving
> in the direction of integration between mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups
> (already well-supported) and web-based discussion forums (newly there).
> A larger solution for this would be to have various LUGs federate and
> migrate their lists to a single operation, which would provide economies
> of scale and make it easier for smaller LUGs to have the same quality
> service as larger ones.  It'd have to be done carefully in order to
> avoid creating single-point-of-failure issues, but it really could be
> done without too much fuss because no individual LUG's lists have all
> that many members or all that much traffic.
> ---rsk

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