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Re: [PLUG] Linux laptop

On 11/10/16 23:33, Paul Walker wrote:
> Well, please troll me for saying so, but I just can't justify the cost
> of a new macbook pro.
I can't either, especially when I can't stand its keyboard. Or how Apple
treats me like an infant who can barely walk and talk yet.
> But. Mine has finally shit the bed and I'm looking to replace it with a
> linux machine that meets the following criteria:
> durable case / body / ports- I ride my bike everywhere and bring my
> computer with  me
Amen. A MacBook I had used previously, issued by my high school,
couldn't exactly handle it too well without already looking beat up
after just under two years.
> 13" - 15" fhd - 4k screen
> 16gb ram
> 300+ gb ssd
> bluetooth
> will run latest ubuntu out of the box, or without too much hair pulling
I currently use a ThinkPad W550s with a 3K (2880x1620) screen, but is
now previous generation. The current ThinkPads in this category (and
screen size) are the P50 and P50s (there exists a P70 but that's 17
inches). Regardless, the Linux experience on this machine has been
pretty much painless with the exception of nvidia optimus (but that's a
given with any laptop equipped as such without being able to solely use
either card)… Even hibernation works as long as you set up your swap
partition properly.

This is the top-of-the-line ThinkPad model and is reflected in the cost.
However, you can spec them from the factory with exactly what you've
listed. The P-series are the only models that offer a proper 3K/4K
screen option and I highly recommend taking it. I think you know this,
once you go high-DPI, you're never going back to FHD or anything lower.

All ThinkPads come with a hardware maintenance manual, plus the entire
design is very conducive to regular maintenance and modifications. For
example, if the factory doesn't offer big enough storage, you can easily
swap it out.

Charlie Li
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