Greg Helledy on 19 Oct 2016 07:29:29 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD

My thought was that coming from these TLDs was an indicator of spam, but not a guarantee of spam. There may well be legitimate traffic coming from them, now or in the future.

So, I don't want to block them altogether, but make it so that coming from these TLDs increases the spam score of that mail. I wonder how I could do that.

FWIW, I pulled a report of the last 1,000 mails rejected by Spamassassin for having too high a score. Of those, the biggest TLDs were:
.top 	437
.com 	314
.stream	43
.us   	40
.club  	37
.gdn	23
.bid	22
.faith	12

Surprisingly, the two-letter country TLDs other than .us were basically nonexistent (a handful each from .il, .vn, .co, .ga)

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