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Re: [PLUG] Creating a customized ISO or preseeding script (for a good cause)

I'm willing to help out too.  I currently have a USB stick with at least 10 different Linux distros (not Xubuntu but a number of other Unbuntu flavors) so if someone can give files needed for the scripted install, I can wrap that image for you and give you a download link.

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Jan, I've done this with Debian to build identical VMs for my servers.   It's kinda goofy in some ways, and I've had a couple of minor problems that I never was able to solve, but I'd be willing to help you try.

You have to create a response file, and then I have a simple script (scraped from the internet somewhere) that dissects the original ISO, makes the changes, then rebuilds a new ISO file.

Contact me off list and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 03:37:50 PM Jan Deruiter wrote:
> My non profit refurbishes donated computers which we gift to Phila. public
> schools for use in classrooms.
> <>
> I am looking for a way that a 4th or 5th grader can install Xubuntu onto
> machines from a USB stick.
> This by itself is easy enough but to make this work, I need to eliminate the
> manual post-installation steps needed to:
> - create multiple accounts (admin, teacher, student)
> - custom desktop screens for two of those accounts (school district
> requirement)
> - add chromium
> - flash plugin for firefox
> - set energy settings (to put the machines to sleep and extend their
> lifespan)
> I have consulted a lot of people but have come up empty thus far. School is
> in session and I am desperate to get going with this.
> From what I understand, you can either:
> - try to make an ISO from a machine (that is set up the way you like it)
> - write an installation script using Kickstart or equivalent
> I am not married to Xubuntu except it has a small footprint. Our machines
> are old, with little RAM and Xubuntu has done well for us thus far.
> Our Board has technical expertise but limited with Linux.
> If you are able to provide me with suggestions, advice, or a lending hand
> (we are a 501c3) that would be awesome.
> Jan Deruiter
> Philadelphia Children's Foundation
> or


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