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Re: [PLUG] WAS: spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD Now: Email support

On Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:25:00 -0400
Greg Helledy <> wrote:

> All my users are employees of a single company and would not be
> sending spam.
right, these blacklists where your IP is listed do not share data, so
they are all wrong and you are right :)

What could also happen is when your VPS provider assigns dynamic
IP numbers or the criminal/spammer that used that IP number before
you, trashed it's reputation

that probably does not bother you much either as it is someone else's
problem, which again, is fine.
> If any of my users had any issues sending email, I would have heard
> of it.  The last time anyone had an issue sending mail was over a
> year ago, so if this is what "broken" looks like, I'm content for it
> to be broken.
that's good for me too, I am content for my users not to receive

> I suspect if we're on any kind of list it's based on a block of IPs,
> not our particular IP.  We're on a VPS, which spammers like to use,
> so it's not surprising that other IPs in our block would be on
> blacklists. Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.
It is your IP with your reverse zone 

> But I will investigate further in case there's anything actually
> coming from our server.  Regardless, your spam filter is pickier than
> that of any of the companies and government agencies we do business
> with.
not really, we use only three dnsbl's - most our clients are businesses
and we do not really want spyware/phish/spam/etc

Either way - you are also re-writing email bounce, kinda spammy thing
to do as well as it is counter transparent and serves to enforce FUD
All that in combination with 7 block lists, says a lot :)


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