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Re: [PLUG] WAS: spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD Now: Email support

All my users are employees of a single company and would not be
sending spam.

right, these blacklists where your IP is listed do not share data, so
they are all wrong and you are right :)

I found four on that list, out of hundreds, and none of them actually say any spam was sent. Two complained our reverse DNS doesn't match. They list you for things other than actually generating spam from your address, apparently.

What could also happen is when your VPS provider assigns dynamic
IP numbers or the criminal/spammer that used that IP number before
you, trashed it's reputation

that probably does not bother you much either as it is someone else's
problem, which again, is fine.

Ours is fixed. We really haven't had any problems with our IP.

If any of my users had any issues sending email, I would have heard
of it.  The last time anyone had an issue sending mail was over a
year ago, so if this is what "broken" looks like, I'm content for it
to be broken.

that's good for me too, I am content for my users not to receive

I suspect if we're on any kind of list it's based on a block of IPs,
not our particular IP.  We're on a VPS, which spammers like to use,
so it's not surprising that other IPs in our block would be on
blacklists. Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.

It is your IP with your reverse zone

None of them say any spam was sent.

But I will investigate further in case there's anything actually
coming from our server.  Regardless, your spam filter is pickier than
that of any of the companies and government agencies we do business

not really, we use only three dnsbl's - most our clients are businesses
and we do not really want spyware/phish/spam/etc

Either way - you are also re-writing email bounce, kinda spammy thing
to do as well as it is counter transparent and serves to enforce FUD
All that in combination with 7 block lists, says a lot :)

It says a lot to me, that you can get on spam blacklists without ever sending spam, which was a surprise. I certainly wouldn't want to subscribe to a list that's doing that, so I'll be more aware of the issue going forward.

Given that I can't mail you while my few dozen users haven't run into that problem with anyone else out of our lengthy client list in over a year, it seemed to me that your system was set at the "hyper-paranoid" end of the sensitivity range and I thought you'd like to know. If you do know and are content for it to be that way, so be it.

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