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Re: [PLUG] WAS: spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD Now: Email support

On 10/19/2016 02:45 PM, ac wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:25:00 -0400
> Greg Helledy <> wrote:
>> All my users are employees of a single company and would not be
>> sending spam.
> right, these blacklists where your IP is listed do not share data, so
> they are all wrong and you are right :)

this is incorrect. many, but not all, share lists. most notably the
not-for-profit ones.

> What could also happen is when your VPS provider assigns dynamic
> IP numbers or the criminal/spammer that used that IP number before
> you, trashed it's reputation
> that probably does not bother you much either as it is someone else's
> problem, which again, is fine.

or it's a false positive, which happens all. the. time. (barracuda's
blacklist is especially guilty of this due to end-user-submitted content.)

VPS providers assigning dynamic IP addresses is a vastly unheard of
thing these days. Greg's MX record, assuming he was using,
points to Arvixe- who do not offer dynamic IP addresses. do research
before making assumptions.

>> I suspect if we're on any kind of list it's based on a block of IPs,
>> not our particular IP.  We're on a VPS, which spammers like to use,
>> so it's not surprising that other IPs in our block would be on
>> blacklists. Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.
> It is your IP with your reverse zone 
> not really, we use only three dnsbl's - most our clients are businesses
> and we do not really want spyware/phish/spam/etc

and which list would that be? because i didn't find (again, assuming any of the major ones listing it (again,
noting that these are the ones that are in wide use excluding private

> Either way - you are also re-writing email bounce, kinda spammy thing
> to do as well as it is counter transparent and serves to enforce FUD
> All that in combination with 7 block lists, says a lot :)

do you know he's rewriting? how do you know? do you receive carbons of
the bounce messages you're sending and regularly review them?

i must say, i find your entire attitude in this thread unsavory, Andre.
if you suspect someone's mail to be misconfigured, you should attempt to
reach them offlist and provide log entries and the like, not calling
them spammers- either by insinuation or directly.

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