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Re: [PLUG] printing


I have used quite a few HP printers and can't say I have had much problem
with the scanner mechanisms, it has usually been something with the brain
board that fails. I have had two low end HPs stop working because of that,
with no indication of any mechanical problems. My current main AIO is an
older HP 4710
ries/391193). Mechanically it has no problems, but I have to boot it several
times before it comes up properly, and will crash after an hour or so, which
means I leave it off except when it is in use. 

I am considering upgrading to one of these:

I have one at the office, which is used more for scanning than anything
else, and has worked flawlessly since getting it (about a year, I think). At
$325, it might be a little steep for a home printer.


Who seriously prints at home when paper's free at work?

I've had 3 all-in-one printers, all of which had their scanner drive
mechanism break, hosing the print function too. In addition, I print so
rarely that the ink dries out (yeah, go laser).

I know HP plays nice, driverwise. People have said Brother is good too. 
Can anybody recommend a current AIO that hasn't shot its drive belt out the
scanner glass?

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