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Re: [PLUG] printing

On the other hand, I've had good luck with Brother All-in-one's.   But I use it for scanning, copying,  faxing,  etc as well.

I had a Brother MFC-9840-CDW color laser last for 5 years ,  and it kept working but the print quality gradually went down over the years.
Next I got a Brother MFC-L8840-CDW which is basically the same with many mechanical parts replaced with electronics.  All the
buttons on front are now a touchscreen, the two sided scanner contraption was replaced with a single-pass dual side imager,  and it's
also working fine with Ubuntu.    I always disable Wifi on these and hardwire them.     What is also nice is the scan to email,  or
scan to fax.   The fax works  with Vitelity over the Internet, so no phone line required.   For thick media  it has an optional straight path
through the unit so card stock isn't curled when printing.

The  Brother debian driver package supports printing,  scanning to xsane so you can use  gimp with xscan can pick up the image.  And
even lpr printing is supported.   Many of the lower Brother models aren't as well supported under Linux, you have to be careful.

The only downside is that these units are Huge,  and heavy and two people required to move it.
Also good paper is required to keep from mucking it up.  ( never inkjet paper )

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Printers are the devil. They are unholy abominations that require a blood sacrifice, and still give you a PC load letter failure.

That being said, if you need a printer, I've got a nice little Epson that doesn't burn through the ink too fast. It does the scanning and whatnot, but no faxing.

I will say that having an AIO is kinda not all that good. I think the Oatmeal did a comic about it.


What do you have your eye on?

On Oct 28, 2016 08:16, "jeff" <jeffv@op.net> wrote:
Who seriously prints at home when paper's free at work?

I've had 3 all-in-one printers, all of which had their scanner drive mechanism break, hosing the print function too. In addition, I print so rarely that the ink dries out (yeah, go laser).

I know HP plays nice, driverwise. People have said Brother is good too. Can anybody recommend a current AIO that hasn't shot its drive belt out the scanner glass?

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