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Re: [PLUG] immutable laws of physics

Murphy's Law as I understand it (without consulting wikipedia mind you) is a sound engineering principle - not an _expression_ of pessimism - a system is most likely to fail at its weakest link when the force exerted on the system is the greatest, and hence, the failure is likely to be catastrophic. Years working as a bicycle mechanic provided me with ample demonstration of the principle. A brake cable is likely to fail when the user gains superhuman strength in the face of an impending disaster.

I'm not sure, though, what law state that systems are most likely to succeed by accident and fail more generally?

In a long argument about pedestrian rights I had recently I was able to articulate something that I've known for a long time: the only laws that you HAVE to follow are the laws of physics!
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What are you talking about?  Including my response, there have been 111 responses  ;)

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> 1. if you put more than one key ring in your pocket, you will ALWAYS pull
> out the wrong one
> 2. if you use a touchpad, some things are more difficult to do, but you'll
> be able to do them every time by mistake. Wanna resize a window? You better
> get the cursor lined up perfectly. But when you swipe past it on the way to
> something else, it will resize itself to nothing.

Why can't posts like these be the ones that get 100 replies. :)

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