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Re: [PLUG] printing

This has always been my approach to printer for Linux.  Use a postscript printer.  No driver needed.  Done.

That said, I print to .pdf's more than anything else and have a image of my signature available if I need to "sign" something.  I even have a fax modem for those times where emailing can't be done.

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On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 8:53 AM, Chris Norton <> wrote:
> The things that bother me about printers, especially in Windows, is the
> driver. I search for the driver only download as much as possible since I
> don't really need 20 pieces of software just to print the occasional word
> doc.

Hence the reason I mentioned that my printer uses postfix.  You can
just print out-of-the-box without any special drivers, or if you want
you can go find the PPD and add that and you get a few more special
printer options.

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