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Re: [PLUG] Gentoo

On 11/12/2016 04:45 PM, Rich Freeman wrote:
On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 4:31 PM, Robert <> wrote:
So I finally installed Gentoo on my desktop.  Was wondering if anyone
using Gentoo could help me with ensuring that my make.conf is optimally
setup for my system?

Offhand you're probably fine with that.  I'm sure there are more
aggressive optimizations you could enable, though they probably would
have marginal results.

I bet that in the Gentoo forums you'd probably find something more
tailored to your specific CPU, but again there isn't a lot of gain in
that.  -O2 or -Os tend to be fairly optimal all-around.

I haven't touched this in ages so I bet some of this is now part of
-O2, but I'm using:
CFLAGS="-march=amdfam10 -Os -pipe -frename-registers -fweb
-freorder-blocks -freorder-blocks-and-partition -funit-at-a-time
-ftree-pre -fgcse-sm -fgcse-las -fgcse-after-reload
-fmerge-all-constants -ftree-vectorize -ftree-parallelize-loops=4
-mabm -msse4a -fstack-protector"

CXXFLAGS="-march=amdfam10 -Os -pipe -frename-registers -fweb
-freorder-blocks -funit-at-a-time -ftree-pre -fgcse-sm -fgcse-las
-fgcse-after-reload -fmerge-all-constants -ftree-vectorize
-ftree-vectorize -ftree-parallelize-loops=4 -mabm -msse4a

I used to use LTO but that became too problematic.  Some of the flags
above can trigger the odd bug and I have a bunch of exceptions in

Thnx Rich for the reply.  Sorry for not responding back sooner.  Work got in the way.




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