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Re: [PLUG] Avoid Arvixe at all costs!

OK, I will try to address many topics:

Posting that a 'non technical user' wants another 'non technical user'
to admin what is basically a wannabe ISP in a box, while 'on
vacation' running this wannabe ISP in a box on a single vps is ludicrous

I believe that I can coach someone else to click the right buttons in the cPanel interface over the phone, if necessary. It's never been necessary yet, but I believe I'm much more likely to get the right outcome than to try to work through the CLI. So, I want cPanel.

Also, Posting, with a subject:  Avoid Arvixe at all costs!

without any proper rhyme or reason, except having extremely unrealistic
service delivery expectations, is similarly ludicrous.

This was a followup from a month ago. I used that topic when every interaction with Arvixe failed to add space to our VPS. I tried adding it using their online interface, which is broken and doesn't work. I opened a support ticket. They promised it would be added. It wasn't. I opened another ticket. They generated an invoice and began billing us. But no more space was added. To this day, months later, our drive space is still no larger. They advertise ability to add space, agree to add space, (eventually) bill for added space, but do not provide any. It is not I who is being ludicrous.

Linux VPS not working as expected

This gets to a difference which I was perhaps not clear enough about. The VPS itself is technically excellent. It does what I want it to do, and has great uptime. I (sometimes with advice from this list) have been able to configure it to meet our needs. However, there are some things which I as a customer cannot do:
*fix the DNS/rDNS mismatch
*expand the amount of drive space

As I wrote earlier, the tool in the customer-support area to add space doesn't work, and tickets, emails and phone calls (in that order) produce promises of the desired result, but never the actual result. This list pointed out the DNS/rDNS issue in October, and I am to this day not able to get Arvixe to make that simple change.

So, I'm really NOT having a problem getting the VPS to do what we need, I'm having a problem getting them to make changes that only they can make. My complaints are not about the VPS itself, the are about Arvixe's unwillingness or inability to perform basic technical tasks that are clearly their job. Yes, I was clearly over-annoyed when I chose that subject, but the basic recommendation holds. I hope Arvixe is able to resolve whatever issues they're experiencing with support.

And I certainly don't feel I need to hire someone else when I'm content with the results of my own work.

If, after reading all this, it sounds like it's written by an idiot, then dismiss it and move on. I just felt that people should know the kinds of issues I've been dealing with.

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